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Education, Training, and Consulting

Dressage Training, Lessons and Clinics
Focused on rider biomechanics and horse behavior from a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist

Equine Nutrition Advising
Virtual guidance selecting feeds and supplements appropriate for your horse from an independent advisor


Training and instruction

Teaching and Training Offerings:

  • Private lessons

  • Group lessons

  • Horse Training (full time and part time)

  • Training rides or ground work

  • Clinics

Teaching Style:
My lessons have a strong focus on rider biomechanics and clarity of the aids to help the horse have a positive learning experience.  I use a lot of analogies to help riders understand concepts.  In addition, I am knowledgeable about how horses think, which is beneficial in training the horse. I regularly invest in my own learning by riding with experts in biomechanics, horse behavior, dressage judges, and more.


Equine Nutrition Advising

Independent Nutrition advice for horse owners
I offer premium nutrition programs for feeding horses. The process involves a comprehensive review of the horse’s needs, current nutritional status, health history, and their environment.  I will work with clients to set goals and formulate a balanced, science based diet that is specific to the needs of the horse.  I will work with all brands of feeds and will give you advice about which are the best fit in addition to which supplements are most appropriate.  Often, I will end up saving clients money by eliminating unnecessary supplements.
I do not work for a feed company nor do I sell any feeds or supplements. I have taken and taught many horse nutrition courses including graduate level equine nutrition classes and am certified through Legacy Equine Nutrition as a Nutrition Advisor. 

90 day nutrition program
This is the best option for horses needing to gain or lose weight as well as cases involving diarrhea, behavioral issues, or metabolic syndrome.

One-time nutrition program evaluation
Comprehensive review of horse horse's current nutrition, environment, and health with recommendations for feeds, forage, and supplements.  Appropriate for clients who do not have complex needs.

Hourly consulting
This is appropriate for specific questions and not for a nutrition analysis or new program advice.

How I can help you:

  • Save you from unnecessary supplements

  • Ensure nutrient requirements are being met

  • Help decide which grain and how much is most appropriate for your horse

  • Evaluate if the forage type and amount are ideal

  • Optimize the body condition score of the horse

  • Make sure you are feeding to maximize topline and performance

  • Find a nutrition program that keeps your horse as healthy as possible

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Dressage Training, Lessons and Clinics
Equine Nutrition Advising

About Julie Christie

I grew up in eastern Canada and have worked with horses in 4 provinces, 3 states, and in Europe. I taught equine science at the college level for 15 years and am now focusing on my business. I live in Rochester, Minnesota with my husband, dog, and three horses.

Riding and Training background:

  • USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist

  • Dressage riding and training through Grand Prix

  • Experience riding and competing in Hunters, Jumpers, and Eventing

  • Strong background in rider biomechanics

  • Certificate in Adult Learning from the University of Calgary

  • Certified Equestrian Fitness Trainer

Nutrition and management background:

  • Certified Equine Nutrition Advisor though Legacy Equine Nutrition

  • Masters Degree in Equine Welfare from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island

  • Master Equine Manager Level II Functional Anatomy from Iowa State University

  • 15 years teaching Equine Science including Horse Nutrition at the College Level at Rochester Community and Technical College

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick

  • Experience caring for horses is several countries

  • Published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal


I operate out of three main barns near Rochester, MN: 


I will travel to other barns when my time permits. Clinics can be arranged in advance at outside locations.

Julie and Rizo in Mason City, IA

Julie and Rizo in Mason City, IA

Julie and Rizo at USDF Region 4 Championship Show

Julie and Rizo at USDF Region 4 Championship Show

Julie and Rizo at USDF Region 4 Championship Show

Julie and Rizo at USDF Region 4 Championship Show

Julie coaching at dressage show

Julie coaching at dressage show

Julie and Rizo in Florida

Julie and Rizo in Florida

Julie with Jackie and Rizo

Julie with Jackie and Rizo

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Täkt Saddlery, Inc.

Incomparable Saddlery with Unparalleled Customer Care

Täkt saddles are truly custom saddles. Every Täkt saddle will be custom fitted to horse and rider, with very careful attention being given to the correct tree size and shape; and, proper seat size selection. If required, customization also applies to adjusting flap lengths; block styles, widths, and lengths; bars; billets and, changing gusset depths. You may also express your personal style with exotic leathers, Swarovski crystal embellishments and patent detailing to truly create a custom work of art.
I am very proud to have Täkt saddlery as a sponsor. My experience with the company has been fantastic so far! My new saddle is exactly what I was looking for—quality, fit, and aesthetics. The best part about the company is that while you are waiting for your new saddle to be made, the company gives you a loaner saddle to ride in. I've never seen another company that does this.

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Ellen Weis, D.C.

The Equestrian Chiropractor

Dr. Ellen is a human chiropractor who specializes in helping riders with pain, symmetry, and balance. By listening to riders about issues they are having in the saddle, Dr. Ellen is able to create a personalized health care plan that will help individuals create a stronger bond with their horse.

Dr. Ellen is the first body worker who was able to help Julie resolve about 20 years of neck pain. Julie has also seen several of her students improve biomechanics after being adjusted by Dr. Ellen. Dr. Ellen has a mobile practice and will travel to your barn to do assessments and adjustments.

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Stephanie and Gypsy Vanner jumping

Stephanie Bruggeman,
SKM Riding

“I am beyond ecstatic that we now have Julie Christie as an unbiased equine nutrition consultant as part of my horses' care team!  She is wonderful to work with, listens to my concerns and truly works with me to find the perfect regime for my horses' health & my wallet.  Her lifetime knowledge base from a long time horse owner, competitive equestrian, trainer, coach, professor & forever evolving student means she's always in the know of the latest & greatest options for your horse (and only if they're truly warranted) and her resources to find the answers to questions are limitless.  She's a great communicator and is passionate about horses health which makes her a fantastic consultant.  I wouldn't hesitate to refer her services to any horse owner looking to better their horse's feed program!”

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